The Best of @5sf – 5 Second Films

Got 5 Seconds? You can be entertained!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

The guys at Five Second Films have set out with one mission, to waste your time, as little as possible. They create videos that are only 5 seconds and accomplish some really funny things in that amount of time, including original sketches, film parodies and more! And they do it 5 day a week! That can’t be right… somebody would go crazy. Probably them, have you seen these things!?

So let’s get in to this with a quick count down


The Big Moment

News Years can be such a let down!


The Herstory of Cinco de Mayo

That’s not the only holiday they’ve paid tribute to, and this one comes with a bit of a history lesson.

I said “a bit”


Late For Work

It’s no surprise this is their most viewed with over 4.7 million hits


The Legend Begins

This could be my favorite, because it’s a series!


Grown Men Are Talking

The gang actually does occasionally take on sketches longer than 5 seconds, and this is how those come out. Pretty good.


The Legend Continues

And now Back to Renegade Pervert!

Wanted by police in 24 states. But not as much as he wants them.


Mini Anniversary

And by far the best thing on the whole damn channel is this little beauty.