10 Genius Homeless Signs

Will Make You Laugh 4 Food!!!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

If you've ever seen a homeless person panhandling, their sales pitch is usually the same, "Spare some change? God bless…Change? God bless… " and we'll be the first to admit that most passerbys become numb to this sort of solicitation quite quickly. But it's time to take a moment to recognize the creativity of some of the "house defficient" population… We say, "If it's good enough to make you chuckle, it's good enough to give a quarter!"   And it's probably only a matter of time before the homeless take our jobs writing bad jokes at CRAVE. 

We've compiled ten of the funniest homeless signs we could. Take a look:

We didn't know boogiemen visited empty refridgerator boxes. BAH-ZING!


Now, if we can only get him to take care of Bieber… that butch lesbian of a kid. 


The Homeless and corner Bodegas now share a common enemy. 


Now you can see the Genital Warts that your money will help treat.


Hey, don't sell yourself short, missy. No one is too stupid to steal. 


Honest, upfront, and direct. You sir, get a dollar. 


Fired from The Big Bang Theory's writing staff. 


Letterman would be proud.


Dear god, son. Come, get into my car. Everything's gonna be okay. 


The mid-nineties were tough for a lot of Power Rangers and MC Hammers out there.