Five songs by ANGELYNE

What’s 70, Hot Pink and can be used as a flotation device?

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

If you’re from Los Angeles, you’ve probably been aware of this underground, … what’s the opposite of an idol? Living Joke? If you’re not from LA you’ve actually seen her billboard get blown off it’s frame in the disaster movie … an the same billboard was the subject of her lawsuit when it appeared in the biopic Notorious.

Los Angelinos know her as the large breasted pink covered has been that can been seen driving around the strip in her flaming hot pink corvette.

What you probably didn’t know, is she is, was… has been a singer.

Now in her 70’s (apparently), but her memory lives on for ever in videos and songs like these! (sora)


"My List"

Good tip Angelyne, always handy when you need to make that embarrassing STD call later!


Animal Heaven

Sign me up!


Magazine Madness

Somebody should chase off who ever took this picture… holy god.


Another Women

This would actually make for an excellent punk song, if it was tricked out speed up and distorted!



OK I actually kind of dig this one… damn you !