10 Funny Pick Up Line Videos

These lines will get you laughs… and possibly laid?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

It’s hard to break the ice, which is why so many guys use pick up lines. It’s also why so many guys fail to have sex with women. A bad and raunchy pick up line, especially one delivered poorly, can be an invitation for a drink to be thrown in your face. However, watching these lines get delivered is pretty funny. Here are 10 funny pick up line videos:


Cheesy Pick Up Lines

They got more play out of that “fart” line than I thought possible.


Video Game Pick Up Lines

Can I have sex with you? Legend of Zelda. How’s that?


Biblical Pick Up Lines

It turns out God’s a pretty cool dude.


Maxim Model Reads Internet Pick Up Lines

The internet fails.


Disney Pick Up Lines

In what universe does saying to a girl she reminds you of Quasimodo get you her phone number?


Sports Pick Up Lines

Bo knows all.


Blink-182 Pick Up Lines

These lines only work on buxom nurses.


Pokemon Pick Up Lines

The line about having a holographic Charizard? It definitely doesn’t work… or so I hear.


Science Pick Up Lines

Bill Nye: The Asshole Guy


Founding Fathers Pick Up Lines

I think talking to girls is easier when you’re on money.


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