Boomers Must Improve Before Olympics

Spurs coach needs to see improvements if the Aussies want a medal in London.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

Despite some recent success, the Australian Boomers men’s national basketball team needs to improve ahead of the Olympics and their coach knows it too.

The Boomers completed a 3-0 sweep of a ‘friendly’ series against China when they won game 3 in Perth last week, but there is still work to be done if the team is to snatch a medal against the likes of powerhouse nations such as the U.S, Spain and Argentina.

The Aussies won game 3 comfortably, 78-55, but coach Brett Brown wants to see improvements from his side. Despite winning with ease, the Boomers shot just 6-20 from downtown; with long rang shooting being a big part of the international game.

One of the big names who missed the series, NBA point guard Patty Mills, will definitely help, but the Olympic competition will be littered with NBA talent and Australia will possess just one player with NBA star Andrew Bogut unavailable due to a season-ending injury he suffered early in 2012.

Brown, an assistant coach behind the legendary Gregg Popovich of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs, was coaching his first game of the series after recently wrapping up his duties in the US.

Quality big man Julian Khazzouh showed some good signs by scoring 16 points while playing against a front line that included former NBA center Whang Zhizhi. With Bogut out Khazzouh's contributions will be vital.

The next test for the Boomers comes in the last week of June when a three-match series will kick off between the Boomers and Greece. Mills will return to the team for the series after a great finish to the end of the NBA regular season, although playoff minutes were hard to come by for late season acquisition.