Cardio World – Ep 5: To Eat or Not to Eat

And it just gets weirder in CARDIO WORLD!

Becky Youngby Becky Young

In this episode of CARDIO WORLD, Alicia takes a trip ‘Where no man has gone before’ – into Todd’s stomach to talk to the ‘BIG man’ ‘metabolism’ himself!

Fitness people like to be annoying sometimes by tossing around discussion topics like “morning workouts on an empty stomach” meaning exercising before you eat anything – and such while not really answering the question of why there is even such a discussion? From a beginner’s standpoint – none of this makes any sense!

‘Conventional fitness wisdom’ dictates that working out as soon as you wake up before you eat anything will capitalize on ketosis – or the body attempting to burn fat for energy.

Since your stomach has been empty for hours while you slept = fasting – the idea is that ‘breaking a sweat’ before you ‘break the fast’ will force your body to search for usable forms of energy to get through the workout – FAT.

Unfortunately, unless you are getting ready for a bodybuilding contest and have eaten nothing but cold, dry, hard chicken breast for weeks, this might NOT be such a good idea after all…because according to your metabolism, your muscle looks equally as ‘tasty’.

NERD NOTE: Metabolism refers to the various processes in the body that convert food and other substances into energy to live and function.

Sure it’s easier to sit than to move and to eat whatever is around than to look for a healthy option…but what will make you like what you see in the mirror AND make you feel better about yourself?

NEVER underestimate the power of feeling good about YOU and what your body can be. Making excuses not to workout/exercise and eat healthy only cheats you in the end. Um…who doesn’t want to feel better about their appearance? How you take care of yourself is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.

Excuses are easy – results take work. #WINNING?

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