7 Jobless Star Wars Veterans

A long time ago, on a street corner far, far away.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

America is part of a global economy. Things we do affect Europe, Asia and vice versa. We’re also part of an intergalactic economy, and it looks like the heroes and villains from Star Wars are finally feeling the effects of our Great Recession. Photographer Marcos Munchin has captured these powerful images of 7 jobless Star Wars veterans:


Han Solo

I guess things didn’t work out with that princess he was seeing.



He can't force you to help him, but…



I’d say he was trying to expand his skill set, but you know, there is no “try.”



That name again is Mr. Snowtrooper.



Maybe Yoda could loan him that English book?


Stormtrooper 2

That’s not a mall, it’s a space station!


Anakin Skywalker

That sign works way better than the one about murdering Jedi children.


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