Help Give ‘Static’ Co-Creator a Proper Burial

The late Robert Washington III is slated for an indigent burial unless enough funds are raised through The Hero Initiative.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Static Shock

Robert Lee Washington III died last week, with no family and no money, even though he co-created Static alongside John Paul Leon and the late, lamented Dwayne McDuffie for DC's Milestone Comics imprint, who has been featured in not only very recent comics, but also in his own successful animated series. He'd been homeless several times after trying to find work in and out of the comic industry, and he'd even written a comic about that.

He was just about to be buried in an unmarked grave on Hart Island, where New York City buries its homeless population, when The Hero Initiative stepped in to try and delay that process for long enough to raise funds to give Mr. Washington a proper burial, and Crave Online, Bleeding Cool, DigitalSpy and other sites are joining in that chorus to spread the word about this effort.  You can donate to that cause right here. That cause and many others, as The Hero Initiative's job is to help those comic industry workers who fall upon hard times, thanks to bum contracts that are far too standard in the business, or those who just need the help for other reasons.

Here's the last comic Robert Lee Washington III wrote, giving back to the charity that had given so much to him.


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