The Idiot Box – Episode 89: You Dare Invoke The Middleman?!

This week, we take on the season premieres of "Suits," "Burn Notice," "Wilfred" and more!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

In this week's episode of The Idiot Box, Blair Marnell (Crave Online's TV Channel Editor) and Sax Carr (Crave Online's Comedy Channel Editor) take a look at Jeff Pinkner's departure from "Fringe," Robert Patrick's new role on "True Blood," the potential "Bored To Death" movie on HBO, a few promising selections at the latest Critics' Choice TV awards and the new Lily Munster.

This week, the guys also review the season premieres of "Suits," "Burn Notice" and "Wilfred" with a little bit about "Saving Hope." Also, Sax makes us watch a new ABC Family series that someone had the nerve to compare to "The Middleman" TV show.




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