Euro 2012 Day 14: Germany V Greece

Germany are set to face underdogs Greece in today's quarter-final.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro





Germany have proved to be unbeatable thus far, winning all three of their group matches and solidifying their position as joint favourites to win the tournament. The political tension between both countries is inevitably going to be brought to the table to add tension to a game that, in all honesty, rests securely in the palms of the formidable German squad's hands. With the likes of Ozil, Podolski and the intimidating presence of Mario Gomez, who is en route to becoming the tournament's top goalscorer.


Greece are being billed as the biblical David to Germany's Goliath, with the aforementioned political tension between the two teams serving as a narrative to make this match seem like more of a contest than it really has any right to be. Greece have been fortunate to make it to the quarter-finals, their heavily defensive style of play cancelling out the disappointing Poland and Russia in the group stages. But now that they have escaped Group A and are opposed by an on-form German squad, they should see their dreams of snatching another Euro trophy quelled.





Joachim Leow: "It will be very important to use the few chances we will get with a killer instinct. We will crash into a granite block with their defence but I am sure we will get our chances if we work hard. It will be a tight game because the Greeks are not easy to break apart. They are survival artists."


Fernando Santos: "I'd like to take the opportunity to say that for us the inspiration is the 2004 saga [when Greece won the Euro's]. We would like to use this squad as a source of inspiration and try to do the same. Let us not forget, this is a knock-out game. Anything can happen in 90 minutes."


Predicted Outcome

Although everybody likes an underdog story, Germany's strong offence and unity as a team should simply be too much for the conservative Greek squad to handle. Expect a heavy defeat.



Germany 30/100, Draw 21/5, Greece 10/1