Be Serious For 30 Seconds: 10 Videos

Fred Armisen issued YouTube a challenge. YouTube accepted!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Yes, we all know comedy shorts can be created online, but what about ‘serious’ shorts? Perhaps it was just that very question which led Fred Armisen (Saturday Night Live, Portlandia) to initiate this unusual acting challenge. Can you be serious for 30 seconds? These are the rules:


Be Serious For 30 Seconds (Original)

He’s super serious, you guys…

Rule 1: It has to be serious.
Rule 2: It has to be 30 seconds or less
Rule 3: No more than 2 people in it
Rule 4: At least 1 5 second dramatic pause
Rule 5: At least 1 cutaway to an object
Rule 6: Do your best acting
Rule 7: It needs to have a door slamming

Let’s see how folks are doing so far…


“The Damn TV”

He’s coming for you, local offices of Time Warner Cable.



That’s-a spicy dramatic scene-a!



I never thought about it before, but maybe that is gross?



This is really food for thoughts.



T-T-T-Twist Ending!


“That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles”

She’s one tough cookie.



A lame-face is the worst thing you can be!


“Eating Pizza”

Loudest pizza eating ever.


“Halloween In Portland”

I assumed everyone in Portland watched Portlandia, because it was mandatory.



So far, this one’s my favorite.


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