6 Videos That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Humans aren't ALL bad, y'know...

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

We're a silly bunch, us humans. One minute we're campaigning to help pandas have sex with each other, the next we're punching each other in the mouths and urinating on our neighbour's front lawn. But every now and again it is nice to watch videos of genuine acts of human kindness/heroism, just to remind us that it's not all doom, gloom, terrorism and homophobia on this funny little planet. 

Here are 6 videos that will restore your faith in humanity:


Jason McElwain the Autistic Basketball Player

McElwain describes his record-breaking time on the court as "hot like a pistol", a performance which also earned him a spot in a Gatorade commercial.


Dad 1 – 0 Scumbags

Advice: if you're going to make a tit out of yourself in someone's front garden, at least make sure that said person is not a Gulf veteran and an ex-bodyguard. Unfortunately for this vest-wearing oxygen thief he learnt that lesson the hard way, when Liverpool's answer to Liam Neeson decked him in front of all his friends.


*Insert Chuck Norris Joke Here*

There's being brave, and then there's this guy. I mean, c'mon – share a bit of that testosterone with the rest of us, fella.


Man Saves Cute Ickle Ducklings

I'm not crying… it's just been raining… on my face.


"Tsunami Dog" is Rescued

Here's a group of coast guards saving a dog who had been washed away for 3 weeks by the devastating tsunami in 2011. Here is a video of said dog reuniting with its owner, just to make you sob even more uncontrollably than you probably already were.


And Here are 2 Drag Queens Beating the S*** out of a Homophobe

What "pasty and thin arsehole #271" didn't take into consideration was that the two men in dresses he threw homophobic slurs at might just be cage fighters. Which they were. And they destroyed him.