Comic-Con: Marvel’s Next Big Thing Panel

Red Hulk becomes Red She-Hulk! Runaways & Secret Warriors together! Find out more at this panel!

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Red She-Hulk

Here's the live blog of the Marvel: Next Big Thing panel, which includes revelations like the fact that Red Hulk will be turning into Red She-Hulk, giving Betty Ross her own title for the first time ever. Also, an as-yet unannounced new Marvel NOW title will feature both members of the Runaways and of the Secret Warriors. What else? Read on!



Arune Singh hosts the Marvel's Next Big Thing panel. On the panel includes Marjorie Liu, Axel Alonso, Peter David, Sana Amamat, C.B. Cebulski, James Asmus, Daniel Way, Jeanine Schaefer, Joe Keatinge, Neal Adams

Gambit by James Asmus and Clay Mann on sale August 2012. Ick. I do not like Gambit. But other people do. I will now stop editorializing. Asmus says it's a dream come true, much like Gambit himself. This will welcome men and women who have a crush on Gambit in. A super sexy sophisticated thief thriller, getting back to his stealing roots, pinching his way across the Marvel Universe in every sense of the word. Each issue will be self contained, and you will be satisfied each month by Gambit. It starts with a shower scene.

Astonishing X-Men #51 gets a shout-out, the Northstar/Kyle wedding issue. It was incredible and humbling for Liu. The marriage is a stepping stone in the relationship, and their problems are not going to go away – they'll be exacerbated by stuff in #53 onward – X-Men will be put in an unusual situation with Kyle. A honeymoon issue is coming in October as an annual.

Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja in August. Singh says Hawkeye is the breakout book of the year, on par with Mark Waid's Daredevil. The volume is turned up to 8 million.

CAPTAIN MARVEL – Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy coming this month. People are selected from the audience to read it. It's Carol transitioning into a new role, a relationship with a person from her past, her love of flight (as seen in this week's Avenging Spider-Man). She has a lot of style. She's not always the friendliest in the world, but she's badass. Terry Dodson does the cover for CM #5.

Deadpool – Daniel Way and Ale Garza. #63 in October. Way will be leaving Deadpool. When Alonso tapped him for Deadpool, he was a fan of the latter incarnation of Wade going nuts, so they had plenty of latitude to tell different kinds of stories. He's good for every type of story. The latest stories, something is finally at stake and he's actually fighting for his life. Way's got something else on the horizon that he can't talk about. Alonso says DP is therapeutic for him for the use of dramedy. Deadpool is his son's favorite because he has a sword and a gun. There are more plans for Deadpool after Way's run.

New Mutants – it is ending in October. The Finale is #50 with Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. This isn't the last we'll see of these characters. They will show up in surprisingly major places after their book ends.

X-Factor with Peter David and Leonard Kirk. A cover image of everybody deserting Madrox in #245. David jokes that it's the last issue. The next six months will be exciting – issue 240 focuses on Laya Miller as a one-off, trying to get across town on foot in 20 minutes called Run Layla Run. 241-245 will be a mini-event bringing back half a dozen floating plotlines. Over five days, every single one of them gets resolved and a lot will be going on – dealing with stuff you probably thought he forgot about. It's called "Breaking Points." Kirk will be the artist for all five issues, and David thinks that it's the best work that he's done. It's overused as a phrase, but "things will never be the same." The team at the end will be very different than the team that starts. David is really anxious to see what the reactions are to that story.

RED HULK. It's going away in October. It becomes RED SHE-HULK in issue #58. Jeff Parker, Carlo Pagulayan. What happens to Red Hulk? We'll find out in October. As part of Marvel NOW, she's getting her own new mission.

THANOS: SON OF TITAN by Joe Keatinge and Rich Elson starts in October. Keatinge's doing his first Marvel work by telling a story about Thanos. He says Infinity Gauntlet was one of the best things ever. He got obsessed with Thanos from that. This is his origin, who he is, how he came to be. He's having a total blast with it. He lost it when he saw Avengers at the sight of Thanos. Another Marko Djurdjevic variant cover wows the crowd. It's the history of Thanos. Thanos returns in Bendis' Avengers Assemble book.

The First X-Men from Christos Gage and Neal Adams starts in August. Adams was looking around for Gage, and he rambles a weird story about talking to Gage in the bathroom. Gage is the co-writer, according to Adams. When he was doing X-Men years ago, the first time they saw them, they were in costume. Adams says this happens before Xavier's first team of superheroes. So he presented Marvel as a 'previous X-Men" attempt. Logan is the old guy who gets to be a leader. He has a weird relationship with the X-Men – why? Because his connection to the x-Men runs deeper than we know. It's a five issue miniseries – Sabertooth, Logan and new X-Men in it. Mutants from the past you've never seen. A guy named bomb, who is a preteen black kid. They're having the damnedest time. Adams calls this the greatest ride of his life. Alonso says it sheds light on the relationship between Sabertooth and Logan that will make you understand it better.

Singh shouts out non-Marvel work – David's Fallen Angel, Keatinge's Glory, Way's Hitmonkey, Adams' Astonishing X-Men motion comics, Liu's novels, Asmus' Thief of Thieves with Robert Kirkman.


Q: Is Kate Bishop involved in Hawkeye with any Young Avengers?  Sana says there are no plans for other Young Avengers, but Kate is there because of many similarities. Clint responds to her. Others may come in depending on stories. Down the line, maybe the effects of Children's Crusade will be explored. Singh says there are big plans for Young Avengers soon.

Q: What's up with Red-She-Hulk? Singh explains the history of Red She-Hulk. This book has her working on a mission for secret people that puts her at odds with the Marvel U.

Q: Cosmic Marvel?  Nova and Rocket Raccoon are in Marvel NOW, but they can't talk about them yet. They're building toward something big and they'll have a much bigger profile in the next few months.

Q: A guy comments on the event to event pattern and the evolution of characters. Why do they do them? People buy them. They hear about event fatigue, but sales don't reflect that. We vote with our wallets. Summer comic books are crossover events. AvX is not the last of summer events.

Q: Since Polaris just joined X-Factor, anything with her past?  David says "Funny you should ask." Breaking Points has a whole issue that answers one of the major questions of Polaris' past. Magneto IS her father. That's not the major question. 243 is the issue.

Q: The focus on Avengers has been huge over the last decade. Will AvX return focus to the X-Men? Alonso, former X-group editor, wondered why they were so segregated from the rest of the Marvel U. Avengers vs. X-men hit because it brought readers across that divide. They both have an equal stake and equal impact. Uncanny Avengers!

Q: A guy read on that Alonso said Marvel NOW isn't a reboot but… ? The Marvel U of Marvel NOW isn't set in some alternate reality. It's in the Marvel Universe proper. All-New X-Men is included in that, even though it takes the old original X-Men coming to the modern day Marvel U. Marvel NOW is not a reboot.

Q: A veteran Silver Surfer fan wants him featured again, and will Shalla Bal ever make up her mind. Alonso says they're taking a good hard look at "non-earthbound" characters (as somebody in their cabal hates the word 'cosmic.')

Q: The Thanos story? Will it have Galactus or Shuma-Gorath?  "You're going to see almost everything you want to see." There will be god-like characters. this is Thanos learning about the universe around him. The genesis of him becoming a villain. He meets people on his power level, and it challenges his ego. Thanos: Year One.

Q: Any plans for Dr. Strange in his own title? Singh tells her about Defenders, where Dr. Strange is the de facto team leader, and the Season One GN coming out this summer. Alonso says they want to hammer down what Marvel "magic" means. They need to figure out the rules, which they talk about on retreats and are making progress. It's elusive to do Dr. Strange right now. Dr. Strange: The Oath by Brian K. Vaughan is also plugged.

Q: What's up with the Marvel NOW illegitimate son of Nick Fury out of nowhere? Hickman reconciled it himself.  Alonso says there is room for both the classic Fury and the new Marcus Johnson Fury. Jonthan has been able to get it straight so hopefully everyone can accept him.

Q: Penance/Speedball plans? Avengers Academy is the place for him now.

Q: What's up with Ultimates – how do you decide what to change? Sana says the whole purpose of Ultimate U is to be different. They call the Ultimates "The Avengers on HBO." Grittier and more realistic, setting them in the real world. If someone dies, they stay dead. There is less continuity and it has a different type of audience. It's the place where they can kill Peter Parker and bring in a new Spider-Man.

Q: Runaways. Thoughts? Some of the Runaways will have a major role in a new unannounced series ongoing (not called Runaways). We'll know by September.

Q: What happened to that Victor Von Doom series? No plans to pick it up right now.

Q: Cloak and Dagger? There will be more in Amazing Spider-Man and impact Peter Parker quite a bit.

Q: Any return of Secret Warriors? That book with some of the Runaways will also have some Secret Warriors and it won't be called Secret Warriors.