STAR CARS Ep 2: The Classic Batmobile

[VIDEO] In celebration of The Dark Knight Rises we look back at Batman's first custom big-screen ride and the owner who built this gadget-laden car. And yes, it spits fire out the back.

Brad Hansenby Brad Hansen

STAR CARS Ep 2: The Classic Batmobile

As far as car builds go, the Adam West-era Batmobile is one of the toughest to undertake. But Nate Truman, founder of Star Car Central, has turned out a real beauty that not only looks stunning but has just about every gadget imaginable. A flame-jet, working Bat-phone, Bat-Scope, Detecta-scope, rocket launchers, parachutes, ejector seat…And it all actually works as intended! Well, most of the time. Check out the video for the whole story and see what it takes to build your own-

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