12 Movies Summarized In 90 Seconds or Less

The Avengers, Harry Potter and The Expendables in bite sized skits.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Don’t have a lot of cash, but want to see big summer blockbuster movies this year? Enjoy these free, funny re-enactments of popular films by YouTube comedian Shyaporn Theerakulstit. Play these clips along with a Crying Baby Sound Effects CD for the complete theater experience. Here are 12 movies summarized in 90 seconds or less:


The Avengers (in 90 Seconds)

Ya gotta give Loki the ol’ talk ‘n’ fight.


Harry Potter (in 60 Seconds)

It could have been… I dunno… Evil Merlin?


Thor (in 60 Seconds)

It was like this, but shot entirely in dutch angles.


Terminator Salvation (in 60 Seconds)

Man Season! Machine Season!


Clash of the Titans (in 60 Seconds)

Unleash the Sockracken!


Star Trek (in 47 Seconds)

This is an official Star Trek parallel universe.


Iron Man 2 (in 30 Seconds)

Yes, but is he charming?


Inception (in 30 Seconds)

Whose Dream Is It Anyway?


The Expendables (in 30 Seconds)

Can’t wait for the sequel where they all kill another guy.

Tron Legacy (in 30 Seconds)

Best family reunion ever.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine (in 30 Seconds)

Good thing he has that mutant screaming ability.


Avatar (in 20 Seconds)

“Happy to be of service,” replied all white people.


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