New mobster cartoon set to debut this fall

Teletoon's "Fugget About It" will be set in Regina.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

What happens when a New York mafia mob boss is relocated to Regina? You get a new original cartoon debuting on Teletoon called "Fugget About It."

“We came up with this idea of a New York mobster who goes into witness protection and is brought to Canada,” said co-creator of the show Willem Wennekers to Global News. Thirteen episodes of the first season have been ordered by the network after it was greenlit over a year ago. Apparently producers have already started working on the second season and another 13 episodes. There will be a number of noticeable references to Regina landmarks throughout the series. “The one thing you will see is the Legislative Building and actual street names of the city,” said Wennekers, who hails from Calgary and attended the University of Regina's film and video department. "Because I lived in Regina for so many years, I thought it was a great idea, because Regina is such a great city and it's full of really friendly people and it would clash really well with this brash, hardnosed mob family," he added to the Leader-Post. "To take a family that's kind of used to all the finer things in life because of their connections, and to put them in a salt of the Earth place like Regina where it's winter for eight months out of the year, it lends itself to a lot of comedy."

"I can't believe it," says the main character Jimmy Falcone in one of the episodes. "A town called Regina and not one strip club? It's times like this I'm glad I'm in witness protection, because if the guys back home knew I lived in a town with no strip club, I'd be so embarrassed I'd have to go into witness protection."

Photo: Teletoon