Exclusive ‘Strike Back’ Season 2 Preview Scene

Scott and Stonebridge are back together alongside their new commanding officer, in this advance look at the season premiere.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Last season on “Strike Back,” Sgt. Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) formed an unlikely bond with Sgt. Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) while serving in the secret British paramilitary unit known as Section 20.

Together, Scott and Stonebridge traveled across the world as they hunted down threats to international security and they even took down the dangerous terrorist, Latif (Jimi Mistry). However, their commanding officer, Col. Eleanor Grant (Amanda Mealing) was killed in the process.

Following their final mission, Stonebridge retired to be with his wife and newborn child. But when “Strike Back” kicks off its second season on Cinemax this Friday, Stonebridge will be back in action whether he likes it or not.

Cinemax has sent us an exclusive scene from this week’s season premiere of “Strike Back.” Reunited with each other in the midst of a crisis, Scott and Stonebridge can’t resist snipping at each other, much to the annoyance of their new commanding officer, Captain Rachel Dalton (Rhona Mitra).



Earlier in the season premiere, Scott and Dalton were present when a routine mission in Kenya went to hell. Cinemax has also released a clip of that sequence; in which Scott appears to sense a threat just a few seconds too late to do anything about it…



“Strike Back” returns to Cinemax on Friday, August 17, with two back-to-back episodes. Also, you can check out our exclusive Comic-Con interviews with Stapleton, Winchester and Mitra.