ALPHAS 2.06 ‘Alphaville’

The team is forced to commune with nature when they seek Skylar's help with a mysterious device.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: 'Alphaville'

Writer: Michael Chamoy

Director: Nick Copus

Previously on 'Alphas'

Episode 2.05 "Gaslight"


Rosen (David Strathairn) tells Hank (Malik Yoba) that he plans to keep the Photic Stimulator out of Clay's hands for the time being. Instead he plans to bring it to Skylar Adams to see if she can tell him more about it.

Rosen assembles the team while Hicks (Warren Christie) is on the phone with Dani. He tells her about their mission and she immediately texts Stanton Parish to let him know.

As they make their way into the woods by car, the team is stopped by a couple of Alphas who attempt to send them away. Rosen asks for Skylar and she emerges, but also tells him to leave. Rosen shows her the device and Nina (Laura Mennell) explains the importance of learning what it's for. Skylar (Summer Glau) agrees to help when Rosen shows kindness to her daughter, Zoe.

The team is taken to a kind of Alpha refugee camp in the woods. They meet Claude, the founder of the group who is wary of their intrusion. When one of the camp members accuses Rosen of breaking up his family when he went public about Alphas, Claude says he wants he and his team gone by morning.

Rachel (Azita Ghanizada) and Skylar examine the device which they believe was tampered with. Skylar makes a remark about being better off without her daughter, which Zoe overhears. She runs off and Skylar goes after her. Meanwhile, the device goes off in Rachel's face, knocking her down.

Skylar is approached by Cornell Scipio and his men in the woods. They want the stimulator in exchange for Zoe. She brings them the device and demands to know where her daughter is when Rosen shows up. He uses the device on Scipio, knocking him down and he and Skylar go off in search of Zoe.

Rachel hears Zoe's cries for help, which leads the team to a house in the woods. Meanwhile, Scipio wakes up, his powers now increased and burns the barnyard down. As the camp goes up in flames, Hicks and Bill search the house for Zoe. A fight ensues and Cameron's leg is cut by a flying blade.

Bill, Hicks and Zoe are rescued from the burning house when Skylar assembles a large fire extinguisher from the various items in the basement. Afterwards, Skylar and Zoe eat in a diner where they encounter Stanton Parish. He offers to take them to a place where they can flourish as Alphas.

Back at the office, Rosen tells Bill he wants his help is vetting the team to find out who is leaking information to Parrish.


An Alpha hippie commune up in the woods? It certainly makes sense, especially after Doc Rosen broke the news to the world that there are superhumans among us. In need of answers about the photic stimulator aka the strobe machine from hell, Rosen and the team took their chases in unfamiliar territory and it led them right to Stanton Parish's cronies.

I'm always happy when "Alphas" explores the show's larger mysteries but this episode was a bit frustrating. After tracking down Skylar Adams, the mechanical engineering genius we met back in season one, played by nerdbait, Summer Glau, any further investigation into the purpose of the photic stimulator was interrupted by the impromptu kidnapping of Skylar's daughter.

Of course it's to be expected that Parish would send Cornell Scipio to retrieve the device. And the fact that Dani tipped him off is no surprise. Now Rosen wants to know who the rat on his team is, which ups the tension. But will still don't what the heck the stimulator is for, other than knocking Alphas on their ass. Or making them extra powerful, as in the case of Scipio after Rosen fires the thing at him.

On a positive note, the team is still fun to watch, even if we don't know what the heck they're after or why. Gary getting in tune with nature was as interesting aside, as he dealt with a world without an endless stream of wi-fi signals, cell towers and other digital noise.

In the romance department, Rachel's relationship with John may be replacing Hick's fling with Nina from last season in the "don't care, let's move on" department. These two are slightly more watchable together, but the show's repeated attempts at side love story feel pointless and forced.

At the very least, "Alphaville" moved the story closer to critical mass, as Rosen tries to sniff out the rat and Skylar and her wunderkind daughter are approached by Parish. "Alphas" has definitely increased the intrigue this season, and the action. Hopefully, they'll be a bigger payoff before the season is up.