STAR CARS Ep 007: James Bond ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ BMW

[VIDEO] Burn rubber like James Bond 007 with this surprisingly affordable rocket-launching BMW.

Brad Hansenby Brad Hansen

STAR CARS Ep 007- James Bond ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ BMW

Most star cars, by definition, are a bit dear. Even many replicas like the 1966 Batmobile and the Time Machine DeLorean can hover around the 100k mark. And after spending that kind of dough, you're not exactly driving a practical vehicle. So what if we told you could own a star car driven by none other than 007, that's comfortable and fast enough to be a daily driver, for around 10 grand?  

Enter the BMW 7-Series from the 1997 Pierce Brosnan film Tomorrow Never Dies. Admittedly, the film is no match for its predecessor Goldeneye as a whole. But it certainly upped the ante in terms of automobile action with one of the series' best sequences, an epic parking-garage car chase that finds James Bond piloting the rocket-firing BMW from the back seat via cell-phone remote.

Now nice examples are easy to find, and if you're like our friend Brian Uiga (who also owns a few Herbie Volkswagens as well), you can deck it out with gadgets that will impress the ladies and intimidate the villains. Agent Athena Stamos was on-hand to run it through its paces in the video below- 

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