Rapper Lil B and Kevin Durant Have Beef

Rapper Lil B and Kevin Durant mix it up and we got the tweets to prove it.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: First it was James Harden and Lil Wayne, now Lil B and Kevin Durant?

What's up with Oklahoma City's youthful team continually getting into beef with rappers? Everyone remembers the James Harden vs. Lil Wayne beef during last year's playoffs and now KD is in the mix. This beef as been simmering for over a year, but looks to be growing in intensity.

It all started when Durant made the off-handed comment that "he didn't really feel Lil B's music." Oh, snap. It's on now. Lil B apparently didn't take too kindly to Kevin's critique and fired off tweets to put the beef into first gear. 

Lil B commented how Durant wasn't clutch and how he could shut down the All-Star, challenging him to a 1-on-1 matchup. Lil B even promised he would quit rapping if he lost. Lil B then recorded a diss track and accompanying video to prove he was a baller and could beat up on KD. KD wasn't above the tit-for-tat and fired off his own battle tweet to Lil B saying, "Yo shutup."

I hate to point out the obvious to Lil B, but you're like 5-foot-6. Not to mention, KD's the three-time NBA scoring champion and at 6-foot-11, has one of the nastiest 3-point jumpers in the NBA, and can take one dribble from downtown and dunk on you without even trying. Heck, he might even be able to come up with a limerick or rhyming couplet to rap at you as he scores against you since scoring on you would hardly need to occupy much of his mind. 

Clearly, this is Lil B, a moderately known rapper trying to create some free publicity. Beef has a long tradition in hip hop, some unfortunately played out in the streets like Tupac and Biggie, while most are settled with diss tracks like Eminem's beef with Nelly or Jay-Z's beef with Lil Wayne. 

The Oklahoma City Thunder continue to have the unique position of the only NBA team — that I'm aware of — to have two of their All-Stars currently having beef with rappers. Earlier in the year Lil Wayne and James Harden got into it over Weezy supposedly making out with Harden's girlfriend Trina. Now that's a reason to have a beef. Some of the beef tweets are below. Enjoy.

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