Vote Sleepwalker into Heroclix!

Or 3-D Man! Or Death's Head! Or Mangog! Or Silver Sable! You have the power to choose Marvel's next Clix!

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker


Half the fun of the mighty game of Heroclix, a collectible miniatures game that sports characters from Marvel and DC to Street Fighter, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings, is anticipating which characters they are going to make next. There's always plenty of the big guns to choose from – Batman, Superman, Thor, Iron Man, etc. – and they're fairly good at bringing out obscure characters as well, such as Dinah Soar of the Great Lakes Avengers as well as Jinku and the Lava Men.

Last year, NECA/WizKids ran a poll among the Heroclix fan community, allowing them to choose one character from a slate of many options for DC, and Big Barda won the voting, giving her her first appearance in Heroclix since the Unleashed set ten years ago (not counting the alternate-reality version where she was a Green Lantern – but again, that's how obscure Heroclix can get). Today, the've launched a version of that poll for Marvel Heroclix, and this is the chance to get really obscure – like Sleepwalker.



No matter whether you like Heroclix just to collect the cool figurines or if you actually play the game, this is a fantastic chance to try and control just who's available. The choices range from those in desperate need of remakes, including Annihilus, Silver Sable, Hellcat, Major Victory and the Executioner, to some pretty awesome dudes fron the fringes of the Marvel Universe, including Sleepwalker, Death's Head, 3D Man, Ikon the Spaceknight, Mangog (one of The 12 Most Awesome Jack Kirby Characters), the new female version of Ghost Rider from the recent "Circle of Four" arc in Venom, and Xemnu The Motherfucking Titan.




Sleepwalker and Death's Head are characters that voices in the fan community have been hoping for for years, but it's really hard to sneeze at finishing up the Annihilators with Ikon or the Agents of Atlas with 3D Man, not to mention that getting Ravenous and Annihilation Wave stars in the recent Galactic Guardians set pretty well demands a super-mega-Annihilus sporting Quasar's Quantum Bands.


Death's Head


Do you want a cool new mini-statue? Do you want some new wild and crazy in the game of Heroclix? Well, vote for your favorite Marvel selection and let's make some magic happen.