6 Hilarious 9-1-1 Emergency Phone Calls

Calling 9-1-1 should never be this funny.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Let's clarify something right away: Dailing 9-1-1 is for EMERGENCY SITUATIONS ONLY. But that sure doesn't stop the dumbest of the dumb from dialing.

For the most part, people that call 9-1-1 are in genuine need of emergency assistance — but it's easy to forget the Darwin percentage of American's who are just doing us all a favor by thinning out the herd. Let's think of this article as a "what not to do" when calling for emergency services. 

Have a look:


1. Woman Calls 9-1-1 for a Date!


There are easier ways to get a date, lady!


2. Marijauna Overdose?

Too bad a great police officer like this had to resign. 


3. Another Pot Emergency!

Worst. Pot Grower. Ever.


4. Woman locked in her own car:

Pray this woman does not have children. 


5. Drunk Guy Needs a Ride: 

Now this sounds like a fun time. 


6. Boner Problems

Don't buy boner pills off the street, ever! How many times do we have to tell you?!?