Little Face Mitt Romney 2012

We built it despite our tiny faces.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

We have an important choice to make this November. Do we vote for the candidate who’s disappointed us time and again with the normal size of his facial features, or do we try the bold vision of a Presidential candidate whose face is quite small, given the size of his head? Ladies and gentlemen, humorist Reuben Glaser proudly presents: Little Face Mitt Romney 2012…


Little Face, Important Message

It’s time to get the word out about face size discrimination.


Little Face, Supportive Life-Mate

She doesn’t see him for the size of his face, because she’s always looking off to the side.


Little Face, Baby Human

This baby is confused by Little Face Mitt, as she is a Ron Paul supporter.


Little Face, One-Eyed Soldier

His eye patch would cover Mitt’s entire face!


Little Face, Praying Hard

Big robes, tiny nose (and eyes, mouth, etc).


Little Face, Big Speech

The sign in the back should read, “Amercia.”


Little Face, Big Surprise

He just discovered these images.


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