Making 007: Legends, Pt. 1 – Inception

Rob Matthews of Eurocom gives us a behind the scenes look at how the latest Bond game was conceived.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Welcome to the first part of a new three-part series chronicling the development of 007: Legends, the upcoming James Bond game developed by Eurocom and published by Activision. 007: Legends is a bit different than past Bond video games; instead of focusing on just one film or original adventure, 007: Legends cherry-picks six classic Bond missions from the 50-year cinematic history of the character and combines them all into one high-octane thrill ride.

So to shed some light on the development process for 007: Legends, we enlisted the help of Eurocom’s staff to take the microphone and detail what this game is all about.

For part one, Eurocom’s Project Manager, Rob Matthews, explains the genesis of the game.

Take it away, Rob.

At Eurocom, we’re all huge fans of the James Bond franchise; we’ve created a number of Bond titles in the past and have built up a strong relationship with EON Productions, the production company based in London who creates the James Bond movies, starting with Dr. No in 1962.

It goes without saying that we were deeply honoured when asked to develop 007 Legends, but we were also keenly aware of the expectations that would be placed upon us. Everyone has their favourite James Bond actor, film, Bond girl and villain, so our number one goal for 007 Legends has always been to develop a game that is a respectful celebration of the 50th anniversary of James Bond on film while also looking to the future in anticipation of many more successful missions for the world’s most loved spy.

The world of James Bond is an embarrassment of riches when you think of all the stories, characters, action sequences and behind the scene talent that have been involved with the films over the last fifty years. To pick just one or two films to adapt into a game seemed like we’d be doing the franchise, and everyone who’d ever been involved with it, a huge disservice, so when EON asked us to consider six films, one film for each of the six actors who’ve played Bond over the last fifty years, that seemed like a perfect way of paying complement to the various eras of Bond and everyone who’s been associated with them.


From a development perspective, we had a great starting point to work from – the team, tools and technology from our recently released GoldenEye 007 and GoldenEye 007: Reloaded games. Beyond GoldenEye though, we wanted to give players greater choice to shape their experience of the game.  Gadgets play a huge role in this, dictating how you play the game. Do you approach a situation like Bond would and use your Q Branch tools to create distractions and avoid conflict or do you go in guns blazing?

Alongside the gadgets, more effort and resources were dedicated to enhancing the stealth and investigative gameplay, giving players the unique and authentic feeling of being a spy, standing in the shoes of James Bond.  And of course, it wouldn’t be a great Bond game without a strong complement of multi-player game modes, including the much-loved four-player split-screen and a whole host of familiar faces from Bond’s past as playable characters.

Tune in next Monday for Part Two of our Making-Of series.