Exclusive Trailer: Dead in Tombstone

Danny Trejo escapes from Hell, but only has 24 hours to kill his enemies and save his soul from Mickey Rourke.

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"I don't care if you are the spawn of Hell. I'll ride with you."

Danny Trejo is back and this time, there's Hell to pay. Literally. Dead in Tombstone stars Trejo as an Old West outlaw who makes a deal with the devil (Mickey Rourke) to exchange his soul for the men who betrayed him. Sure he only has 24 hours, but… what the hell? CraveOnline has your exclusive look at the first trailer for the new supernatural thriller from director Roel Reine (Death Race 2), also starring Anthony Michael Hall and Dina Meyer. Enjoy!

From the Press Release:


"Dead in Tombstone is fiery tale of greed, revenge and atonement set in a Gold Rush boomtown populated by thugs, drunks and unlikely heroes. Ruthless outlaw Red Cavanaugh (Anthony Michael Hall) is moments away from a well-deserved hanging when the Blackwater Gang, led by Red’s equally brutal half-brother Guerrero Hernandez (Danny Trejo), rescues him in a vicious raid. Red later returns the favor by gunning Guerrero down in cold blood during a daring robbery. While Red and his henchmen strip the town of its wealth, Guerrero finds himself trapped in the afterlife, tortured by a satanic Blacksmith (Mickey Rourke) who offers him one chance to avenge his death. In a deal with the Devil, Guerrero promises to deliver the souls of his betrayers within 24 hours—in exchange for his own."


Dead in Tombstone premieres on DVD and Blu-ray in 2013.