7 Songs By Kid Metal Band Murp

Don’t brush her hair in knots!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The family that plays heavy metal music together, stays together. That’s why The Partridge Family’s later albums are about worshipping Satan. It’s also why we have Murp, a hit YouTube band made up of kids Aaralyn (vocals), her brother Izzy (drums), their dad Jason and the occasional uncle. Put on your fairy wings and rock out to 7 songs by kid metal band Murp:


Zombie Skin

What a delightful little girl!


At The Beach

Let her go on the beach, already.


Step on Red Ants

To be fair, ants are gross.


My Brother Makes Me Angry

Does he hog the Nintendo? That’d make me angry.


Don’t Brush My Hair in Knots

Give her credit for not whipping her hair back and forth.


Jingle Bells

This Christmas classic will be sung for years to come.


Where is My Mind (Pixies Cover)

Awww, she lost her mind.


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