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Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Snake VS Balloon, drunken Bears fans and the most epic detective team up in the world, as Sherlock takes on Blue Clues! All these videos and more, collected from the front pages of the web’s biggest sites in comedy.


Dailymotion  – Snake In Agony After Balloon Bite (link)

The uploader assures us that the snake was not harmed. But what about people with phobia!? This freaked my junk out


Break  – Drunk Bears Fan Tries Stripper Pole And Fails Hard (link)

Da Bears. Da Fans. Der Fail.


College Humor – Sherlock Blues Clues (link)

Could this be the epic duo of the 21st century?


Dorkly – Link's Wish (link)

You’ve just defeated Ganon and Saved the world, what are you going to do now?!


Funny Or Die – First Kiss with Rachael Leigh Cook & Chad Michael Murray (link)

The first time is always the sweepiest and potentially the most destructive.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and stat clueing!

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