Meet Priority Peter

He prefers to get his “fractions” on.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

School’s started up again. No more lounging by the pool, doing math problems just for fun. Time to crack those books and do some serious math. However, before we let those summer memories go, here’s the meme Priority Peter to remind us that the best way to spend the hot months is with some hot models. I mean, model theory.


Double D’s

“Also, what are Double D’s,” Peter wonders aloud.



Whenever someone address a group as “ladies,” they’re probably not getting laid.



The other kind is too hard to figure out.


No Time

Those problems aren’t gonna calculate themselves.



Same rules apply for using the calculator, just to be clear.


99 Problems

He’s on the Math Patrol and the Honor Roll…



Immediately gets smacked for calling his sister’s friends “hoes.”



A classic math joke, but hard to masturbate to.


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