Top 5 Epic Fights in Football History

Sometimes the "beautiful game" can get really, really ugly...

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Even though it's often referred to as "the beautiful game", throughout the years football has had its fair share of ugly moments.

To celebrate the not-so-aesthetically-pleasing side of the world's biggest sport, here are the top 5 on-pitch brawls:


5. Don't F*** with Elizabeth Lambert

US Junior defender Elizabeth Lambert shows that she is just one elbow in the boob away from going all She-Hulk on her opponents, methodically taking out what appears to be the entirety of the opposing team with crunching tackles and, yes, hair-pulling. Elizabeth was suspended indefinitely following the incident. 


4. "He's Got a Chair!"

Chinese football club Beijing Guoan and South Korean football club Pohang Steelers come to blows in what resembles a budget version of the Royal Rumble, complete with a guy running in at the end with a folded chair in his hands.


3. Di Canio Doesn't Respond Well to Authority

Perennial anarchist and self-proclaimed fascist Paolo Di Canio sticks his middle finger up to The Man by pushing over a referee, proving that he dislikes authority almost as much as he does ethnic minorities.


2. Well, That Escalated Quickly.

This brawl between Argentinos Juniors and Fluminense escalates so quickly that the riot police are brought in. By riot police, I mean two bewildered looking guys with shields trying not to fall over.


1. Everybody was Kung Fu Fightin'

You've probably seen this already by now, but we'd wager that the image of Eric Cantona expressing his disapproval of a rowdy fan with a swift karate kick to the head never stops being funny.

Photo: Getty Images