The Independence Day Sequels Finally Have Titles

Not particularly creative names, but what do you expect from the people who shortened "Independence Day" to "ID4?"

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


Despite some serious concerns over Will Smith's price tag (he wants $50 million), the Independence Day sequels keep aligning into place, and eventually they seem likely to attack. The latest news comes today from Film Starts, via (and translated by) Bleeding Cool, whose recent interview with original ID4 director Roland Emmerich revealed the names they have chosen for the second and third movies. So… what did they go with? Independence Day 2? Memorial Day? Training Day? Day of the Tentacle?

None of the above. The sequels will be titled ID Forever – Part 1 and ID Forever – Part 2. Either civilization has very strict documentation laws after the alien invasion from the original film (topical!), or some marketing genius thought that ID4Ever would look great on a teaser poster. Speaking of genius, the films are likely to be distributed in 3D, although the implication of the interview (allowing for potential translation issues) is that they will be shot in 2D and post-converted, a formerly iffy process that has admittedly yielded increasingly positive results with recent releases like The Avengers and Titanic 3D.

The titles represent the first real news we've had about the Independence Day sequels since producer/co-writer Dean Devlin revealed that they will finally answer the age-old question of why the aliens in the first film were Mac-compatible.

CraveOnline will be back with more ID4Ever news in case it's 2 Good 2 Be 4 Gotten.