Adelaide v Fremantle AFL Semi-Final Live

All the action live from the Adelaide-Fremantle semi-final.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

We're running something different for today's elimination final between the Adelaide and Fremantle. A live blog will cover all the big moments. Keep hitting refresh.


Subs for tonight are Suban and Johncock. No late changes.

It will be a huge ask for Fremantle to complete a second upset victory away from home. Will be interesting to see if Nat Fyfe, who didn't play in their previous two encounters this year, can add something extra for the underdog Dockers. Fyfe has that shag back in the hair which suggests absolutely nothing other than that he will go off for 40 kicks.

Also, I'm interested in seeing if the Fremantle defence can neutralise the Adelaide big forwards in Tippett and Walker as they did against Geelong. Will Ryan Crowley, the game's best tagger for my money, go to Thompson or Dangerfield?(Apparently Thompson also thinks Crowls is the best in the game, but Freo haven't won limiting SC to 17 possessions per this season which suggests he may go to Dangerfield)

Hopefully this isn't a battle to see which team will earn the right to be smashed by the Hawks next week.

Moving John McCarthy tribute here. Classy stuff Adelaide.


The next word Richo says in English will be his first. BT also appears to have been left off this one.

19:47 Sandilands wins tap to Mundy. Walters to Hill to Mayne inside 50 mark. Sweet off the boot.

Freo goves right back inside 50. Mayne wins free and goes back for second shot on goal.12-0.

Petrenko almost brings the house down ducking and weaving around defenders, but shot sprays wide.

Ballantyne ganged tackled. He loves it.

Pavlich's first possession isn't too convincing. Took mark in the middle of the ground and tried one of those dummy kicks that he was overdoing two years ago.

12:30 Mundy is tearing it up early. Ballantyne pushed in the back, right side, 35 out. Misses everything, but lands in the hands of Crowley. He too misses.

11:29 Mundy sets up Walters, who delivers the quick snap. This guy was refused a game earlier in the season. Great story.

Ballantyne cleans up Bernie Vince and wins the free when Vince goes after him off the ball.

Adelaide crowd ropeable when Duffield wins a soft free in back 50.

Adelaide break completely free, but Fyfe, the last option, spoils Thompson mark beautifully.

7:22 Porp bangs one home from beyond 50 for Adelaide's first. 19-7.

Fremantle suddenly have the fumbles. Walker marks on a strong lead, but hits the post.

Another Freo turnover allows Walker an open mark. Plays on and sprays the checkside effort. Poor.

2:35 McPhee dumb kick across 50 which allows Sloane to intercept. Out on the full.

0:34 Sandilands too big, easy mark and sets up Walters who wins another free. Goal.

Fremantle got off to a ripping start, but Adelaide were able to dictate the final ten minutes of the term. 25-9.

Mundy 11 first quarter possessions.


Big news: Key defender Sam Shaw has been subbed out with a hamstring. Johncock on.

19:10 Mundy possession number 13 was too high for Mayne, but a cheeky Pavlich handball rehit streaking Mayne for his third.

Dockers will ruck tap and Fyfe bomb finds Mayne. This one doesn't make the distance.

Dangerfield too ambitious. Holding the ball! Pavlich marks, kick doesn't go the distance. Ballantyne soccers it through. 38-9. Awful start Adelaide. 13-4 clearances in favour of Freo.

This is looking a lot like last week. Crows can't get past halfway.

15:15 Thompson finds Porp for a goal.

Fyfe isn't even 21. Amazing.

McPhee has returned to his usual hack form. Would struggle right now to hit the side of the barn.

Sandilands' length saves a goal on the line.

Douglas thisclose to a second straight for Adelaide.

Ibbotson looking for a nothing bomb inside 50 wins a 50 when Walkerinfringes in his protected area.

Dockers clear after a nervous few moments. This game has the intensity of an elimination final. Oh, wait. Excellent to watch.

Dangerfield just 9 touches, all contested.

5:20 Sandilands caught holding. Dangerfield rewards them for a few minutes of tough forward pressure.

Silvagni loses badly in a marking contest with Walker. The Mullet goes back after the siren to make it 44-31 at the half.


Walker again takes Silvagni to the cleaners. Tippett gets on the end of his kick, but pulls it out on the full.

Very scrappy start to third. Ball stuck to the grass.

McPhee finally hits a target.

Dockers aren't going forward nearly as much as they were in the first. Will really need to make most of opportunities.

13:17 Taylor Walker another great mark. Goal, seven point difference.

Walker again. To cut the lead to one. Yes.

11:25 Hill pushed in back as he breaks line and kicks for goal. Gets another go and schanks it badly!

8:00 All Adelaide. Johncock marks and misses.

6:21 Wright crumbs and goals for first Adelaide lead.

4:15 Fyfe snaps a miraculous goal across his body as Freo once again take the lead.

1:54 Walker shrugs a tackle and sets up a completely open Tippett for the goal.

McPhee gives away a free to Johncock who misses. McPhee is now though dead to me.


Suban on for Ibbo and kicks goal 40 seconds in.

Pavlich goal.

Bernie Vice instant response.

Porp adds number two for the Crows and they're back on top.

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