Advance Review: LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

One of the PS Vita's best.

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

If we're being completely honest, we're a little embarrassed about how short this review will be. You see, Sony did something a little odd with their launch of LittleBigPlanet for the PS Vita. Instead of shipping out review copies and only review copies, we were first treated to a downloadable preview.

That preview sported an arcade mode and the first world of the game. It checked in at well over an hour of play. As such, we were able to glean a lot from the game in terms of looks and mechanics. So, if you're looking for more beef in this review, most of it is actually in the preview we posted only a month ago.

Where's that preview? Right here, friend.

And that leaves me only a handful of things to discuss. So, first, the rest of the actual game.

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita packs a little story that tasks Sackboy (or girl) with freeing the world from a puppeteer gone made. It feels almost exactly like the storyline in LittleBigPlanet 2, so don't get too excited for new ideas.

But, you don't really play this game for the story, do you? You play LittleBigPlanet's main campaign to enjoy really, really good levels. This game, then, has plenty of them. Each world, in typical fashion, produces a slew of levels and mini-games that are done up in a particular theme. They're all enjoyable and some of them can be extremely challenging.

My only real beef with this game's levels and design comes from the incessant need to incorporate touchscreen play in almost every new facet. You'll touch blue platforms to push them in place, you'll use the rear pad to push green bits out of place and you'll need to make use of both sides of the PS Vita in order to use certain weapons and vehicles.

While I understand that both touch features should be available to gamers when playing the PS Vita, I hate the idea that we're not allowed to ignore them. The simple fact of the matter here is that you will have to use both the touchscreen and rear pad in order to play through LittleBigPlanet PS Vita.

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

That said, the touchscreen usage is absolutely brilliant in level creation. I'm terrible with making levels in these games. I find the building tools to be a bit unwieldy and hard to wrap my head around.

Here, however, I actually enjoyed making new levels. None of them were particularly well done, but the process of building them is actually fun. That's a big win for LittleBigPlanet PS Vita. It's create and share pillars are imperative to the long term success of this game.

Which is exactly what it will have: long term success. LittleBigPlanet PS Vita is genuinely one of the best games available for the system. It's a retread of old ideas mixed with touchscreen annoyances and blessings, but it's been really well made.

It's simple, folks, if you have a PS Vita, you need this game.

9 out of 10

We received a download for a review copy of LittleBigPlanet PS Vita from Sony. We played the game to completion, tooled around with the level editor and enjoyed some community levels before starting this review.