Marvel NOW ‘Superior’ Speculation

Marvel's busted out another teaser, and here are some possibilities about what it could be teasing.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Marvel NOW Superior

So, there's this bit of business that came out today.




No creators attached, and apparently no reveal until New York Comic-Con next month. Just talk that "the writer of the most shocking comic book of 2012″ will set up "Marvel’s biggest new launch of 2013."

Ol' Bleeding Cool is speculating that Amazing Spider-Man #700 may have something to do with it, as it's an issue Dan Slott has said is the worst thing he's ever done to a character, and that he'll have to go into hiding after it. That could be "shocking" enough, but "superior" really screams "homo superior," which screams mutant.

So maybe Marvel will view the closing moments of Avengers vs. X-Men as their most shocking books of the year, what with moidelizin' Charles Xavier and possibly Cyclops as well. Or perhaps Cyclops survives and does a complete 180 from Xavier's Dream and becomes full-on Nu-Magneto for next year's big event book "X-Men vs. X-Men."

Other possibilities include Magneto getting his own book – maybe he and his kids team up to try to bond after the decade of disaster for them.  Maybe Magneto gets his own team.

There's also the chance that Evan, the Boy Who Would Be Apocalypse from Uncanny X-Force, might be cool enough to get his own book – maybe learning the truth about his past WON'T turn him full-on supervillain, but it won't keep him in the Clark Kent mold either – Marvel does like their anti-heroes. That's assuming he survives Rick Remender's UXF finale.

Perhaps Marvel's Age of Apocalypse series could tie into that as well – maybe Evan goes there to fight the evil Weapon Omega in a Pocky vs. Pocky fight – and maybe that spills into a giant Age of Apocalypse Redux crossover celebration.

There are some wild theories for ya. What do you think?