5 Funny Robbers Caught On Tape

They aren't exactly criminal masterminds.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

A movie like Ocean’s 11 shows us how a complex heist can be pulled off by a group of highly-trained, well-organized criminals. These videos show us that walking up to your local convenience store with a gun will likely get you quickly arrested, and possibly embarrassed on YouTube. Here are videos of 5 funny robbers caught on tape:


Polite Robber

Very polite, very gentlemanly old criminal.


Karate Punching Bag Robber

All that training with Mr. Miyagi finally paid off.


Window Smashing Robber

His subtlety and quickness are astounding.


Pantsed Robber

Don’t drink and drop your pants during a robbery.


Ceiling Robber

Someone loves Full House.


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