Couch QB Play Of The Week: Washington’s Josh Morgan

How the vet lost his cool and cost the Redskins a big W against a rebuilding team.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Couch QB Play Of The Week: Washington’s Josh Morgan

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, moving a very makeable 47-yard field goal into a 62-yard field goal, is a bonehead play. Josh Morgan, the five-year veteran wide receiver for Washington just made such a game-killing play on Sunday.

On the play that caused Morgan to lose his cool, Shanahan had this to say, “It might have been the first down, it was close enough, it was inches. You can’t lose your poise. You lose your poise, obviously good things don’t happen.”

Great call coach. That should go up on a plaque in the locker room, “Lose Your Poise And Good Things Don’t Happen.” Here’s another plaque idea, “You Suck Morgan.” Just a thought.

All the fireworks took place after Washington had marched 34-yards on 7 plays down into St. Louis territory. The score was 28-31 and the very makeable 47-yard field goal would have tied the game and likely sent it into overtime.

“I thought we were going for it,” Griffin said. “But in a dome, 62 (yards) is far, but it’s not that far. I was on a knee and I hoped that it would go through.” It didn’t.

Redskin fans don’t even have a leg to stand on in terms of complaining about the call. Morgan literally took the ball and threw it after the play because he was upset with the spot. This is the type of thing you’d expect from a freshman in college, not a five-year NFL veteran.

So much for RG3s heroics for his 20-29, 206 yards, and 1 TD performance, instead it’s just a big fat L for Washington. This is a team with some talent, but not enough to overcome idiotic penalties in the fourth quarter. The Giants can bounce back from mistakes and Eli tossing 3 picks in the first half. The Redskins, however, can not shoot themselves in the foot if they expect to win enough games to make the playoffs this year.

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