NFL Tweets Of The Week: Week 2

Week two had plenty of thrills for all – except one NFL star who was more excited for Boardwalk Empire.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

There has been plenty of parity throughout the NFL already and we’re only in week two.  Teams that don’t have any business winning games are getting the job done, which means even the mighty are falling. The best example would have to be the fact that both the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens – two of the teams favored to come out of the AFC – lost this week.  But it’s still early, which means it doesn’t mean players can’t celebrate!

The Philadelphia Eagles managed to squeak a win past the Ravens to improve to 2-0 this season, and no one seemed happier about the win than Michael Vick, who tweeted this after the birds’ 28-27 win:

Just want to thank you fans. You guys was amazing all game, especially the last drive. #birdgang #EaglesNations #iluvourfans

Great job, Vick.  You fooled much of the league into thinking the Eagles are the crème de la creme of the NFC, despite the nine turnovers you’ve caused in just two games.  I’d thank the fans too after that!

It was a sweet win for the Eagles but it wasn’t as sweet for Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, who was enjoying a sort of homecoming – making his first appearance near his hometown.  He seemed pumped beforehand, though we can only imagine it wasn’t the same feeling afterwards.

Game day. Eagles in Philly. #Ravensnation

Other players weren’t quite as excited following their week two performance.  Take Larry Fitzgerald for instance who tweeted this after a huge 20-18 win over New England:

Big win 4 the @Cardinals 2day what a nail bitter. Even more exciting 2nite HBO season 3 of Board Walk Empire can't wait to get home 2 c it.

Maybe he’s more excited for a HBO show because he only had one catch for four yards.  Another team that pulled out a big win was the Buffalo Bills.  The Bills improved to 1-1 this season after a win both Buffalo and their opponent – the Kansas City Chiefs – both needed.  Linebacker Nick Barnett couldn’t have been more impressed with the win and the home fans’ support.

Feels great to get a W in the Ralph!!! I appreciate all the fans who cheered their heart out!! #let'sgoBuffalo !!!

Another team needing a win was the Miami Dolphins.  With the Patriots losing it opened the door in the AFC East – at least for the time being – and the Dolphins jumped at the opportunity, destroying the Oakland Raiders.  Reggie Bush was thrilled.

Great team win today! All across the board we showed a lot of fight and character today! Let's keep it going! Fins up!

You and your teammates showed plenty of character on Hard Knocks, Reggie.  Keep it up so at least the division isn’t a runaway in December.  But like Chad Ochocinco – ahem, Johnson – some guys are out of work, take wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth for instance.  The NFL referees are on strike but Stallworth – who is also looking for a job – might want to test his luck at officiating tweeting:

Seems the ball was coming out before his knee hit the ground. Should be a fumble. #Jet ball.

We know, Dante’ – we all saw it!  Other wide receivers have found new homes this season and are fitting in well, like Braylon Edward.  Edwards seems thrilled to be in Seattle and with the team’s impressive 27-7 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

#12thMan yall were great yesterday! Great win against a good team. Now time to get ready for these packers monday night

The same can’t be said for Chicago Bears wideout Brandon Marshall who earlier this week tweeted:

It's real prayer works. As I step out my door tried by the devil. #nottodaysir

Prayer might work but it certainly didn’t help you against the Green Bay Packers on Thursday.  Once again the “devil” got the best of your new team.  If you want a shot at the division you need to exorcise that demon!  Well there are still 15 more weeks left in the season.

However, this week proved no team is safe from the dreaded upset.

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Photo Credit: Icon  – Tom Croke