Chronicle Screenwriter Brings ‘Vigilant’ To Fox

Max Landis teams up with veteran producer Howard Gordon for a new superhero inspired series.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Hollywood has a mixed record when it comes to creating its own comic book inspired tales without adapting an original property. Earlier this year, the movie Chronicle became an unexpected success story by mixing comic book tropes with the found footage genre. And now the screenwriter of Chronicle is bringing his next project to Fox.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Max Landis has signed a deal with Fox to write and develop "Vigilant," a potential new TV series that follows a 20 year old woman who creates a fictional vigilante to confront a corrupt police force and the high level criminals whom they answer to.

The lead character is also said to be the daughter of a veteran detective who is "brutally coerced" into cooperating with the dirty cops; which seems to borrow a page from the Barbara Gordon Batgirl… although Commissioner Gordon was never corrupt in the majority of Batman continuities. "Vigilant" is unambiguously described as a "superhero origin," but it's not clear if the lead character will actually adopt a costumed persona herself.

In addition to writing Chronicle (pictured above), Landis previously collaborated with his father, John Landis on the "Masters of Horror" TV series before moving on to "Fear Itself." Landis is also attached to write the Chronicle sequel and an adaptation of the Disney theme park ride, Space Mountain.

For "Vigilant," Landis will be joined by veteran producer, Howard Gordon; who is perhaps best known for his stints on "24," "Homeland," "Awake" and several other projects. Both Landis and Gordon will serve as executive producers on "Vigilant;" which has a penalty attached to its script commitment. However, "Vigilant" does not have a pilot order yet.

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