‘Arrow’ Will Take On The Royal Flush Gang

"Being Human" and "Copper" costar, Kyle Schmid signs on to play Ace; while comic book scribe Geoff Johns will write the seventh episode of the season.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

The CW's upcoming Green Arrow inspired series, "Arrow" has already lined up several established DC villains like Deadshot, China White and possibly even Deathstroke. But they won't be the only supercriminals gunning for Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) aka Arrow.

Zap2it has revealed that the Royal Flush Gang will be the primary antagonists of the sixth episode of "Arrow." As originally conceived in 1966, the Royal Flush Gang is a pack of superpowered criminals who have adopted costumed identities based upon a deck of playing cards.  According to the report, Kyle Schmid has signed on to play Ace and his civilian alter ego, Kyle Reston. Presumably, the other members of the Royal Flush Gang will include King, Queen, Jack and Ten. It's also doubtful that this incarnation of the Royal Flush Gang will actually have superpowers.

Although Schmid currently costars on BBC America's "Copper," he is best known for playing vampires in both Syfy's "Being Human" and the Lifetime original series, "Blood Ties." Schmid has also appeared in "Smallville," "CSI: Miami," "Odyssey 5" and "Degrassi: The Next Generation" in addition to feature films like A History of Violence and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

In other "Arrow" news, series co-creator Marc Guggenheim recently revealed on his twitter account that noted DC Comics scribe Geoff Johns will be co-writing the seventh episode of the series with Guggenheim. In addition to writing the current Aquaman, Green Lantern and Justice League comic book series, Johns has previously written for "Justice League Unlimited," "Blade: The Series," "Robot Chicken" and "Smallville."

"Arrow" will premiere on the CW on Wednesday, October 10.