Ultimate Comics Ultimates’ President Ultimate Captain America

Considering the choices, maybe we should pick this angry dude as president. The Ultimate universe just did.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker


There have been teasers about a big decision facing Ultimate Comics' Ultimate Captain America of the Ultimates, and now, the Washington Post has made it known that that world's version of Steve Rogers is going to be winning the election for President of the United States – an office he didn't run for, but for which he's been written in for a landslide victory, and an office he will decide to accept. Once again, this proves that Ultimate Comics' Ultimate universe is where, ultimately, things can happen that can't or won't occur in the non-Ultimate universe Marvel calls home and nerds like us call the 616.

Here's the cover image for Ultimate Comics' Ultimates #16 where Ultimate Cap makes his ultimate choice about whether or not he will ultimately accept this ultimate opportunity.

Ultimate Comics Ultimates


“We wanted to dramatize an extreme version of what we see in America today,” Ultimate Comics Ultimates writer Sam Humphries told the Post. “In the face of all [this] divisiveness, what do we have in common? What does it mean to be an American? What can we agree on? And what makes America the place that it is?”

“This is a United States that’s being torn asunder by special interest groups — by opportunists looking to divide and conquer,” MarvelEditor-in-Chief Axel Alonso added. “This is a metaphor for what goes on in real life, but on steroids.”

The America of the Ultimtaes Comics Ultimate Universe isn't quite in the same position that we are in reality – a dictator rules Detroit, Washington D.C. has been destroyed and the west coast has split off from the union. Things get extreme there because they can. Hence, they need a president whose foreign policy will look something like this:




Of course, Captain America is often considered to be symbolic of what's best about this country – the ideals, the core principles, the wheat of human potential separated from the chaff of human foibles. Having him take any sort of political stance is usually anathema. But Ultimate Cap is another story, as you can see above in his response to the notion of "surrender." So, in the interest of fair and balanced, you can choose your own hardass extremist Cap below. Berate my font choice all you like.


Ult Cap


Ult Cap


Ult Cap


And so on. Feel free to make up your own.

Throw that mighty shield, Mr. Captain President.