Depressed Superheroes Are Depressing

Sad sack heroes unable to find solace from their suffering. See? The bad economy effects everyone!

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

All pics (except sad clown) property of Nicolas Silberfaden. Support the official release.


I recently stumbled upon (without using Stumbleupn or however you spell it) a series of art photographs made by photographer Nicolas Silberfaden. Which I just realized I misspelled in my header image but– like Nicolas, I presume– I will claim that I "meant to do that" as an artist.


They depict several superhero and celebrity impersonators in sad poses and getting all weepy. It's meant to be a commentary on the current state of American politics/economy/current fatalism and awful lifestyle. They immediately reminded me of my favorite painting series of the sad clown.


Nobody knows what it's like… to be the sad man…


And while I immediately feel for the people behind the heroes I wondered…


Why so sad?



After struggling for years for fanboys to like him again without the caveat "Well, he was my favorite… when I was ten." Superman decides to try and end it. But having destroying all the Kryptonite in the world he finds himself unkillable. Fans now ask, "Dude, whatever happened to the man of tomorrow?"



Having subsisted on a diet of just tuna and hairballs, Catwoman found herself with a mean bout of mercury poisoning. The thieving business dried up when her rich targets hit rock bottom, and 5 pound bags of prescription cat food doesn't come cheap. It isn't a perrrrfect life for Ms. Kyle anymore.



Indiana Jones fell into a professional slump after realizing he had already found every significant Judeo-Christian artifact in history. Though he tried his hands at paleontology he was disgusted by the involvement of the oil industry, who "spared no expense" in getting what they want. He is said to have retired to Germany waiting for Hitler to be released from cryogenic stasis.



With The Fallen defeated and earth safe once more, Sam Witwicky stopped believing in Optimus Prime. The Autobots, powered only by the spark of belief from children, all quitely transformed one last time into regular vehicles and died. All save for Optimus, whom can now be found performing nightly at the Ponderosa Speedway alongside Robosaurus.


Bankrupting Wayne Enterprises with his wild expenditures of flying vehicles, tank cars, and thousands of custom made throwing stars, Batman kept fighting villany in Gotham until his gym membership ran out. Having gotten too winded in a three hour fist fight with The Penguin, Batman was forced into hospital care. But without a socialized medicare system (which Bruce Wayne publically fought against) to help him, he was forced to sell his Batmobile though it only had three wheels left.



That, or he watched The Dark Kight Rises.





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