More than 300 Borderlands 2 Enemies in One Picture

How's this for opponent diversity?

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Borderlands 2

I loved the original Borderlands to pieces. It was a great game filled with loot and gorgeous graphics.

However, fighting skags and bandits got old, really fast. Especially since the original Borderlands sported what seemed like the same 10 enemies over and over again.

Borderlands 2 has a lot more baddies to fight. Something like 300+, to be a little more specific. And, one Reddit user grabbed a scan from a UK gaming mag (Game Master) and tossed it up for the world to see.

Here's a slice of the image with every Borderlands 2 villain in one massive shot. Click it to go huge mode; but, be warned, it's big.

Borderlands 2