Amanda Tapping Joins ‘Supernatural’ Season 8

The 'Stargate-SG1' and 'Sanctuary' star will have a major recurring role in the upcoming season.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

This season, the angels are coming back in force to "Supernatural," with Amanda Tapping leading the way.

According to TVLine, Tapping has signed on for "a major recurring role" as Naomi, the leader of a new group of angels who haven't previously appeared on the series. The report quotes new "Supernatural" showrunner, Jeremy Carver as calling Naomi "cool and mysterious," while an earlier description of her character states that she is a “no-nonsense bureaucrat… She wears a business suit and has her hair pulled back. However, Naomi is less together than she appears to be. Her efficient manner belies a deeper emotionality.”

Tapping is very well known among genre fans for playing Samantha Carter for ten seasons on "Stargate SG-1," one full season of "Stargate: Atlantis" and guest appearances in "Stargate Universe." Tapping also starred as Helen Magnus in "Sanctuary;" which ran for four seasons on Syfy. Additionally, Tapping made guest appearances on "Forever Knight," "The X-Files," "Millennium" and "The Outer Limits."

Namoi will be introduced during the seventh episode of "Supernatural" season 8, which is called “A Little Slice of Kevin.” The episode's title also hints that the prophet, Kevin Tran (Osric Chau) will play a major part of Tapping's first "Supernatural" appearance.

The TVLine report also indicates that "M*A*S*H" costar, Mike Farrell will appear in the eighth episode of the season as Fred Jones, “an aging mentalist with a slippery grasp on reality” who somehow factors into the Winchester brothers' latest case.

"Supernatural" season 8 will haunt the CW on Wednesday, October 03.