NFL Special: Streak Freak Or Rebound Bound?

We take a look at the undefeated and winless to figure out if it is time to remain calm or lose your shorts.

B. Redd Reddochby B. Redd Reddoch

After two games, many teams are either 0-2 or 2-0. Is it time to freak out and consider the season lost? Or should everyone remain calm and carry on knowing this will right themselves? Does the streak speak to a great season? Or should two wins indicate only two games and everyone should take a breath before buying Super Bowl tickets?

The only way to find out is to play “Streak Freak or Rebound Bound”!

Arizona 2-0
For a team that was pegged to start 0-2, it is understandable to get overly excited about an undeafeted two-win start. Let’s remember that two different mediocre (at best) quarterbacks have started so far. The defense has kept the games close but they only rank in the middle of the pack. The Cardinals aren’t going to keep pace with the 49ers, BUT Arizona has put the whole league on notice that they can be dangerous after going on the road to Seattle and New England. Those aren’t easy places to win. Let’s figure they will rebound back to the middle.
Judgment – Rebound Bound

Atlanta 2-0
Not many were surprised that the Falcons defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in week 1. It was in how much they dominated with a 16 point victory. The proof that the Falcons are for real is the smackdown placed on the Broncos on Monday Night Football. Matt Ryan consistently threaded the needle into tight spaces. The defense has dominated (including three picks of Peyton Manning). It is time to get excited in Atlanta again. Bust out the dirty bird!
Judgment – Streak Freak

Cleveland 0-2
Despite Trent Richardson’s heroics in game 2, this is still the Cleveland Browns. The season was lost sometime last decade. Any other team should be filled with hope, but not Cleveland.
Judgment – Streak Freak

Houston 2-0
Houston is the real deal. They have looked dynamic, outstanding and in control. The AFC South is theirs to control. The state of Texas is theirs to control. The biggest lacking ingredient in the past has been confidence and health. They have both so far with a defense that ranks 1st in Passing D and 7th in Rushing D. However, they aren’t tested yet. They beat Miami and Jacksonville. Let’s take a deep breath, Texan fans, and wait to see how they play against Denver, Baltimore and Green Bay in the coming weeks.
Judgment – Streak Freak

Jacksonville 0-2
Perception tells us that the Jaguars are garbage and no one will be surprised if they go 2-14. Jacksonville will not be that horrible thanks to NFL parity paradigm. With Indianapolis, Oakland, and (choke quality) Cincinnati in the next few weeks. They will win 1 if not 2 of those games. Have hope, but there will not be a full on rebound for the Jags.
Judgment – Rebound Bound

Kansas City 0-2
Who knew there was a giant desert in the middle of the country? That is the only explanation for how the Chiefs continue to crawl lost, as if they were in the great Mojave. As long as they have Jamaal Charles running well, then there is no need to lose your cool, Chiefs. Wait. What? Charles hurt his reconstructed knee? How about those Royals? With New Orleans, San Diego, Baltimore and Tampa Bay coming in the next month, there isn’t an easy win, but the Chiefs should rebound okay enough to build on and finish somewhere just south of the middle.
Judgment – Streak Freak

New Orleans 0-2
Bells! Alarms! Flashing loud screaming lights! The Saints are last in rushing defense and 26th in passing defense. Maybe there would be hope if a great coach was leading them …. But ….. there is no real head coach over the Saints. Sean Payton is suspended and a coordinator is “leading.” There has been a lack of adjustments, a lack of cohesion, a lack of creative playcalling that Payton typically brings.
Judgment – Streak Freak

Philadelphia 2-0
It is easy to pull the parachute on the excitement level with the memory of Vick’s 4 interceptions still fresh out of week 1. However, the stats back up the positive Philly vibe. They are first overall in Total Offense. They are 26th in average points, but that will balance itself out over time as Vick stops giving the ball away. And the more the Eagles keep the ball, the better their defense will get.
Judgment – Rebound Bound

Oakland 0-2
Ask any Raiders fan, and they will tell you they are awesome and you are not. But, even the Black Hole is starting to get worried after two horrible efforts. Darren McFadden looks misplaced. The Defense got manhandled by the Miami “Hard Knocks” Dolphins. Carson Palmer can no longer use the “I’m new excuse”, but his receivers can’t run a pattern to save his life. Injuries to wide receivers are also dragging them down. Freak out, Raider Nation. Freak the Black Out!
Judgment – Streak Freak

San Diego 2-0
Whoa…. Whoa. San Diego finally has some victories in September. That alone is worth celebrating and getting excited. Last week, a full team effort took down the Titans. Things are clicking. But… simmer down a bit. Oakland’s long snapper handed your game 1 victory and a history of slow starts still linger. Let’s see how you handle the Falcons next week before we hand Norv Turner a new deal.
Judgment – Bound Down

San Francisco 2-0
The defense has shut down Matthew Stafford and MVP Aaron Rogers. They contained Megatron and is a wall against the run so far. Alex Smith is not all-world but he’s proving himself more than capable to NOT lose a game and orchestrate some wins. The 49ers are legit.. Get excited 49er fans… just not too excited. The only thing other fans hate more than the Bay Area whining is hearing it gloat.
Judgment – Streak Freak

Tennessee 0-2
It was expected that Jake Locker would have some growing pains. While he is trying to lead the Titans, he can’t carry all of their baggage. Chris Johnson has been inept. The Titans are last in rushing. Even worse, they are 20th in Passing Defense and 30th in Rushing Defense. They are lost and in desperate need of a new plan.
Judgment – Streak Freak

Photo Credit: Todd Kirkland/SMI/Icon