Halloween Returns to Theaters This Halloween

The original John Carpenter classic will be re-released nationwide with the documentary short You Can't Kill the Boogeyman.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


Re-releases are all the rage these days, but for once we're getting a classic film back in theaters without the benefit (or hindrance) of 3D. John Carpenter's Halloween, the film that codified the slasher genre back in 1978, and still considered one of the scariest movies ever made, will return to the big screen from October 25 to October 31 in a nationwide re-release from Screenvision.

What's more, Halloween will be accompanied by a documentary short film You Can't Kill the Boogeyman: 35 Year of Halloween from director Justin Beahm, which focuses on the film's influence and impact on both the horror genre and audiences themselves since the original film's release in 1978. You can find out which theaters will be playing Halloween at the Screenvision website.

Halloween, John Carpenter's third feature film, tells the simple story of a homicidal maniac, Michael Myers, who escapes from the asylum on Halloween and murders a series of teenagers in the small town of Haddonfield. Jamie Lee Curtis stars as Laurie Strode, with Donald Pleasance appearing as Dr. Loomis, the psychologist who believes that Myers is evil personified. Carpenter's classical cinematography, fully-realized cast of characters, uncomplicated storytelling and memorable string of murders helped make Halloween one of the most profitable independent films ever made, grossing $47 million in theatrical release from a budget of merely $325,000 (not counting home video and merchandizing).

CraveOnline will be back with more Halloween news after we buy our tickets. Seriously, how cool is this?