8 Epic Drunk Chick Fails

Fail gets the best of us, but mostly these chicks.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Get down and boogie with this great collection of fails.


Stair Fail

Cause stairs are hard, so use the buddy system. Even if your buddies are drunker than you. Especially if your buddies are drunker than you.


Singing Fail

Oh wait, that’s not the part that hurts?


Chilling on a Little Roof

For the record I also consider this a vertical camera fail.


Glamour Fail

Now Vouge!


Jump Fail

Step one climb giant rock in bikini

Step two, sway, dance, bellyflop




Risky Business Fail

Ladies, please leave this to the professionals. Tom Cruise is the only lady that should attempt this.


Face Fail

Wait for it.


Backflip Fail

Mom, don't do it!