The Big List: Battle of the Gaffes! Tony Danza Befriended Tupac!

Who screwed up worse – Mitt or Obama? Plus: Tupac and Danza were BFFs?!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to become a famous sitcom actor, read about a rapper/actor who went to jail, write him a sympathetic letter, get a response from the rapper that says, “you get me,” strike up an unlikely but awesome friendship and check out these links!


Which is Worse: Mitt’s “47 Percent” or Obama’s “Guns and Religion?”

Will you choose the insult behind door #1 or door #2… [via]


A Sneak Peak at the New Entourage Movie’s Product Placement

Two Words: Turtle’s Wax


Tony Danza and Tupac Were Pen Pals

Best friendship ever? Best friendship ever.


Meet the Folks Who Tattooed Now-Defunct Tech Companies on Their Faces

At least future employers know they’re fiercely loyal to companies. If they can ever get someone to hire them.


The Paradoxes of Dog Ownership

Do you walk your dog or does your dog pull you around the neighborhood?


That’s all for this Danzariffic edition of The Big List!


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