John L. Smith Can’t Catch A Break

The latest public bash against the Arkansas' fill-in head coach has people in this Mo. town laughing.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

John L. Smith inherited the de-inspired mess that is the Arkansas Razorbacks football team earlier this year after former head coach Bobby Petrino was fired after a less than ethical tenure. With the talent to secure a No. 8 pre-season ranking and expectations of being a top-tier bowl team, Smith's team is off to an 0-2 start in which they not only lost to tiny Louisiana-Monroe, but received a brutal 0-52 loss at home to Alabama — the worst shut-out from any SEC matchup since the 1940s. Even though Petrino was a P.R. nightmare, many fans are wishing his return.

That being said, evidently, signs are now popping up all over the Fayetteville area, mocking Smith.

The picture you see below was taken in front of Matt & Terry Auto Sales in Joplin, Mo, located about an hour and a half from the Razorbacks' home in Fayetteville.

On one hand you have to feel for a guy that knows he's a lame duck coach and just filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy — supposedly he owes about $25 million according to USA Today. But you also have to wonder what kind of man he really is after the debacle that was his weekly presser on Tuesday, which you can watch here: The opening :34 is priceless.

Coach with unfortunate circumstances? Or coach that is losing any last thread of trust he has with his team while slipping into senility? You decide.

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