More Marvel NOW Point One Teasers

Check out the teasers for the new Point One issue, featuring the comics version of Agent Coulson.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Marvel NOW Point One

There's a handful of new teasers for the 2012 Point One issue, which will set the stage for some of the big Marvel NOW shenanigans that will be unfolding in 2013.

Take a look at what's on deck.


Marvel NOW


A woman looking at a gun! Okay.


Marvel NOW


A bunch of clockwork malarkey!  Sure!


Marvel NOW Nova


Our new Nova will be expounded upon by Jeph Loeb. Fighting a diamond guy.


Marvel NOW Point One Ant Man


Ant-Man extravaganza!


Marvel Point One Loki


Kid Loki getting smacked around!


marvel NOW Agent Coulson

More on Marvel's new comic version of Agent Coulson. Not quite as charming without the Clark Gregg hairline, is he?


And check out this variant cover from Skottie Young.


Marvel Point One