5 Funny Videos Starring Mr. Wizard

Great children’s show host or giant dick? You decide!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Here’s an experiment: watch all these videos and determine how much your opinion of 80’s Nickelodeon science show host Mr. Wizard has changed. Measure your results with an emotionometer and compare the results with your friends. Also, rub a balloon on your hair, because that’s what science is all about. Here are 5 funny videos starring Mr. Wizard:


Mr. Wizard’s World Intro

Magnets, how do they work? Uh, Mr. Wizard? Are you gonna answer ICP’s question?


Mr. Wizard’s a Dick

At least he didn’t say it like this.


Mr. Wizard Taken Out of Context!

Science is all about blowing on things and making things expand.


Say “What” Again (Mr. Wizard Version)

That kid’s almost as big a dick as Mr. Wizard.


Mr. Wizard’s (Still) a Dick

You got science punk’d. FACE!


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