Firms Fly in with New Fall Gadgets

The SensoGlove is a golf training gadget that teaches you not to grab your club too tightly.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

Amidst Fall travels to Dublin for a Guinness celebration and London for the James Bond Anniversary, we here at CraveOnline still get opportunities to test out and review new and emerging gadgets and technology-happy products.

While jumping on and off airplanes and driving to and from press events, we gave a few a field test to see if they’re worth your hard earned coinage. You can see the quick results below:

SensoGlove: This golf-teaching aid looks a bit like a pregnant batting glove with a pacemaker installed. While acting like the traditional skintight golf glove worn by most players on the forehand of their swing, the SensoGlove contains soft sensors in each of the fingertips. Those sensors detect how tightly the golfer is holding his or her club.

The idea is no successful golfer should grip a club too tightly. No matter how hard the players swings, they need a light touch on their shafts. (Stop giggling.) Seriously, one of the first lessons I learned from my golf instructor was to hold the club as though I was holding a bird – or at least a bird I didn’t want to crush in my fist. The SensoGlove looks to train too strong a grip away.

If a student squeezes that club too tightly, the SensoGlove issues a an alarm beep. The pressure threshold is adjustable to allow a student to train their grip down in stages until he or she holds their driver like a painter holds a brush.

G-Form Extreme Edge: G-Form is gaining fame as the maker of specially designed, contoured body armor for athletes and extreme sports enthusiasts. Their compartmentalized gear fits knees and elbows with easy flexibility.

But, what can protect a human body can also protect your iPad or other tablet computer. The Extreme Portfolio and Extreme Edge use G-Form’s RPT material – a “composite, blending PORON XRD material with other proprietary G-Form materials and technology.” When any impact strikes the G-Form materials, they absorb more than 90% of the energy of an impact and stiffens like armor. Just hefting one of the G-Form cases is all you’ll need to know to believe they provide extreme protection for any tablet.

Griffin Powerdock Dual: Without trying to redesign the wheel or make some groundbreaking design breakthrough in charger design, Griffin put together a simple, elegant iPhone and iPad charger for a desk or tabletop. With simple curved plastic keeping your devices in place on their charging stations (as seen below), the Dual keeps your phone and tablet together and powered up with a minimal footprint.

Griffin Reserve Battery Hard-Shell Case for iPhone 4: An iPhone case that protects while it recharges the phone is becoming standard issue for a lot of gadget makers. In this offering, Griffin makes a two-component case encasing the iPhone in a plastic shell with a battery in its base. The plastic isn’t the sturdiest quality, and the outer brace seems to wear out over the course of a month.

Also, we seemed to get an echo out of the case, as though it was sending the iPhone’s audio back into the mouthpiece. We’ll wait and see if the next generation of Griffin Battery cases correct that snag.

Ten One Design Magnus Magnetic iPad Stand: This Ten One entry “out-elegances” Griffin’s elegant PowerDock, using magnets and a simple stand of curved aluminum that holds an iPad either lengthwise or sideways with a simple click and a confident connection. While there are any number of iPad stands, this Ten One effort should appeal to anyone who looks at design over function as its unassuming shape almost hides it on a desktop.